Stricter job registration requirements as of 1.1.2020

18. July 2019

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After a long political struggle, the implementation of the popular initiative “Against mass immigration” led to the introduction of a job registration requirement in connection with a blocking period for public job advertisements for five working days. 

The new obligation to register is obligatory for companies, employment agencies, headhunters and temporary recruitment agencies since 1.7.2018 and applies to all professions with at least 8 percent unemployment throughout Switzerland. From 1 July 2020, this threshold will be lowered to 5 percent. The types of occupations concerned and the job titles assigned are published by SECO and will be periodically updated.

Regional employment centres (RAV) must immediately publish reported jobs on their job platform (job room) and document employers within three working days with suitable dossiers from job seekers. Only five working days after publication of an open position at the RAV (taking into account national, cantonal and local public holidays) may it be advertised publicly via the current platforms and media as well as on the company's website. Fines of up to CHF 40,000 may be imposed if the reporting obligation is not observed!

For companies, the obligation to register jobs results in additional administrative work that is mandatory and verifiable in the search for new employees. With solique recruiter, the entire reporting procedure can be automated as far as possible as part of the normal recording process for job advertisements.

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