Media news

Offer: Print and St. Galler Tagblatt are the most popular media for job search in Eastern Switzerland. 

Use this excellent combination and bring with the new, interactive Print-Teaser your advertisement directly in the printed whole edition of the St. Galler Tagblatt as well as the Ostschweiz am Sonntag.

For only CHF 390.- your Print-Teaser appears two times and reaches on Friday 278‘000 and on Sunday 116‘000 readers in Eastern Switzerland.

Requirement is an active online-ad on!

To take advantage of this special offer, please contact:
NZZ Media Solutions AG, Fürstenlandstrasse 122, CH-9001 St. Gallen
Phone: +41 71 272 73 79

Offer: Job-Upgrade for customers in Central Switzerland

To the booked online ad on the job platforms
«» / «» / «» / «»

you get currently two broadcasts in the job market of Radio Central.

For use of this offer please contact: GmbH
Mr Fabian Riedener
Phone: +41 44 440 10 82

Offer: Job-Upgrade «Die Südostschweiz»
To your original booked advertisement your ad will be repeated in each case in the next two job markets.

  • «Die Südostschweiz Graubünden (Bündner Tagblatt)», only CHF 450.
  • «Die Südostschweiz Gesamtausgabe», only CHF 950.

For to use this offer please contact:
mediabus GmbH
Phone: 062 797 34 05

Offer: Power-Jobs «Regio Pool»
With the offer of Power-Jobs you benefit of two additional ads for only CHF 750.– in the selected Regio Pool.

  • «Regio Pool 1»
  • «Regio Pool 2»
  • «Regio Pool 3»
  • «Regio Pool 4»
  • «Regio Pool 5»
  • «Regio Pool North»
  • «Regio Pool South»

For to use this offer please contact:
mediabus GmbH
Phone: 062 797 34 05

«Neue Luzerner Zeitung» Action Real Estate Plus (Mo)

70% discount if the same ad is published below real estate in the
preceding week.

Rental or sale each:

  • City of Lucerne
  • Agglomeration of Lucerne
  • Canton Lucerne
  • Canton UR/SZ/OW/NW
  • Canton Zug
  • Rest of Switzerland
  • Foreign countries
  • Commercial premises

Vacation; rent requests or purchase requests each:

  • Commercial premises
  • Vacation

For to use this offer please contact:
mediabus GmbH
Phone: 062 797 34 05

Important note:
«20 Minuten» / «20 minutes» / «20 minuti»
published entirely in four colors.

For this reason, there is no surcharge for color ads.


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