Google for Jobs

«Google for Jobs» was launched in the USA in mid-2017. Today, the job advertisement search is already available in more than 100 countries, since May 2019 also in France and Germany. The market launch in Switzerland is expected to take place in 2020.

What's it all about? A Google search has always been used to find job advertisements published online. These are displayed either as paid ads (Google Ad) at the top of the search results page or in the following search results list sorted by relevance.

«Google for Jobs» now places a link tip container with a distinctive blue title bar between the paid ads and the organic search results. The container lists the three most suitable job offers from third-party platforms (career websites and cooperating job portals) prominently according to the Google algorithm and refers to all other ads with a link. 

With one click, all job offers matching the search can be displayed as an overview list and then filtered according to various criteria (location, distance, language, type of employment, and more). If you click on an individual job offer, its details are presented as a uniformly structured text ad. «Google for Jobs» is therefore not an independent search engine, but offers extended possibilities within the classic Google search.

In principle, «Google for Jobs» only lists job ads that meet minimum requirements in terms of structure and content. This applies both to your career website and to job advertisements published on third-party platforms. Besides, it must be accepted that the presentation of complete job advertisements by Google takes place without corporate graphic design and employer branding elements.

Although the date for the market entry of «Google for Jobs» in Switzerland has not yet been set, solique recruiter is already technically equipped to capture job advertisements according to Google's specifications. Our customers can decide whether the necessary adjustments should be made in the HTML template and whether the job advertisements should be searchable via «Google for Jobs».

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