Use the entire Internet as a recruiting platform thanks to Programmatic Job Advertising

Filling vacant positions is increasingly difficult and costly in many industries. If you want to find more suitable talent for open vacancies, you have to break new ground and advertise on online channels that latent job seekers use every day. solique makes this possible with «Programmatic Job Advertising». Therefore, in Switzerland, we rely on the Smart Profiling technology «Talent Attraction» from WONDERKIND.

Lack of skilled workers and many employees' passivity are reasons why companies cannot fill vacancies with qualified talent. More and more often, nowadays, it is no longer sufficient to publish job advertisements «only» on online job exchanges and to hope for suitable applications from active job seekers.

If you want to address the much larger pool of latent switchers, you have to reach this target group where they are in everyday digital life – on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, on YouTube, websites, news sites, and blogs.

With «Programmatic Job Advertising», solique enables its customers to do just that: After a straightforward, quick onboarding, recruiters can create their job ads directly in the leading multi-posting application solique recruiter and commission individual campaigns. This service works even for advertisers who are not solique customers! A customized workflow is offered for them – ask around.

With a combined job advertisement on their career website, on selected online job exchanges, and via Programmatic Job Advertising, a maximum of actively and passively seeking talent currently available on the job market can be addressed. The benefit for advertisers is obvious: A significantly lower scattering losses and more qualified applicant contacts per invested advertising franc.

When an ad is played, seen, and clicked on, interested parties can call up the original job ad online and decide whether they want the HR department to contact them or whether they want to apply later with their CV. This simple handling is uncompromisingly designed for online use via smartphone, thus significantly increasing the response rate.

Of particular interest is that the performance of each campaign is evaluated in detail by solique. With the free reports (impressions and clicks), recruiters can document their campaigns' success and continuously optimize the search for qualified employees.

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