Our promise


  1. We set trends and standards in our markets
  2. Our market partners see us as a global leader for technology and service in the area of multiposting
  3. We set ourselves apart from our market partners through our dependability, professionalism and quality
  4. We help our staff advance both professionally and personally
  5. Together with our market partners, we exercise open, honest and service-oriented cooperation

Strategic goals

  1. We are a global leader in multiposting applications for print and online media
  2. We focus on companies with a significant ad volume as well as on agencies and publishers
  3. We develop cloud-based standard solutions with a high level of customization
  4. We operate one of the world's largest and most valuable media databases, which includes all of the relevant information for print and online media as well as social networks
  5. We are reinforcing our position in Switzerland, expanding in the German-speaking world and preparing for further internationalization

Our employees

  1. We impress our customers with our services
  2. We think and act with a forward-looking, solutions-based approach
  3. Our achievements surpass the status quo thanks to our practically athletic ambition
  4. We are interested in the general market development and
  5. our corner of the market
  6. We learn from our mistakes