A threefold boost for our team

16. January 2017

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We’ve brought new staff on board to help drive solique’s growth forward.

Daniela Schärli (left in image) has been managing our finances and human resources since the beginning of the year. She has more than 15 years’ experience in finance and controlling. In her free time, Ms Schärli takes a break from all the numbers by hiking in the mountains and walking by lakes and rivers.

Quoc Tri Tran (center in image) has been working with us as a software engineer since last September. He has many years of experience and wide-ranging expertise in programming, networks, operating systems and applications (Windows, Linux, Apple). In his spare time, he recharges his batteries with sports, including tennis, volleyball and mountain biking.

Sonia Peri (right in image) has also been working with us since the beginning of the year; in her case as executive assistant to CEO Peter B. Müller, with additional responsibility for marketing. Ms Peri also has more than 15 years’ experience in similar positions and speaks German, English and Italian. Her Grisons heritage means she spends her leisure time hiking and skiing in her native mountains.

Our Team

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