Mobile rectangle ads – innovative job listings in news portals’ content streams

Companies report increasing difficulty in finding suitable candidates to fill their vacancies. One reason for this is that the majority of employees are not actively looking for a new position and therefore rarely use traditional job portals. This means, that if you want to gain a passive job seekers attention, you can’t rely solely on job portals when advertising vacancies.

Instead, in order to address potential employees in a targeted manner, today’s companies should consider the behavior of the 'always-on generation' and draw attention to job vacancies on a platform that passive job seekers are likely to visit – like the content streams of mobile news portals.

With solique recruiter, HR recruiters can design new, targeted rectangle ad campaigns for high-reach mobile news portals and publish them themselves – totally automated and without the need for external service providers. These mobile rectangle ads link directly to your own careers page, increasing the attention to your company website. Advertisements can be placed in all online media commercialized by audienzz and Newsnet in Switzerland, as well as in 20minuten online.

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