Powerful multiposting solution for real estate ads

solique real estate is a powerful, well-proven multiposting application for the automated creation and placement of real estate ads in print and online media in specific countries and internationally.

The web application is designed so that property details and images can be imported from any real estate management software or entered online with a structured input screen. solique real estate therefore includes all relevant details and images for the seamless posting of cross-media ads.

For the publication in print media, an advanced WYSIWYG editor is available, making it a breeze to create individual and batch ads while also letting you integrate images and logos. Next, simply click the mouse to generate a CI/CD-compliant preview – the task is released and approved automatically.

Ads can also be published online with the click of the mouse. All relevant property details and pictures for the desired online platforms are exported using a digital interface. The procedure is the same for removing properties.

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