Target group-oriented placement of job advertisements

4. February 2024

Symbolbild: Zielgruppenauswahl (Bildquelle: Adobe Stock)

Job advertisements are successful when they resonate with the needs and interests of the desired candidates. However, they must first be visible to potential applicants for this to happen. By selecting the most suitable placement, you can ensure the target audience is reached, and your media budget is used efficiently.

solique now offers over a dozen media packages for advertising placements in Switzerland, Germany, or the entire DACH region.

> Media packages for targeted professional groups
   (e.g., HR professionals, nurses, engineers, IT specialists)
> Media packages for specific industries
   (e.g., healthcare, finance, media)

LinkedIn individual ads can now also be placed as «Sponsored Ads». Customers do not need their own «job slots» for this and, therefore, do not necessarily need a contract with LinkedIn.

If you would like to optimize the placement of your job ads, don't hesitate to contact your customer advisor or our helpdesk. Our employees will happily support you and set up the desired media packages in your customer account.



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