Applicants are mobile ready

26. July 2013

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The topic of mobile recruiting has been on everyone's lips in professional circles for some time now, and current trends in the area of recruitment are reported on by all publications. However, various studies have shown that there is a significant discrepancy between the willingness of potential applicants to apply online and the online opportunities provided for this by companies.
What is specifically in demand now is no longer static job ads posted only online but, rather, multifunctional career sites that can also be used from smartphones and tablets without any limitations. Using QR codes, traditional print ads can also be linked simply and elegantly to additional online information. Meanwhile, integration of social networks such as XING, LinkedIn and Facebook not only extends coverage but also makes the employer profile more appealing in the minds of younger applicants.

For companies, it is also expedient and efficient when vacancies can be posted with just a few mouse clicks to all of the desired offline and online media seamlessly across various media and in line with the proper corporate design.

Unlike the predictions of many studies, efficient multiposting through the desired offline and online channels is no longer a pipe dream. solique recruiter gives employers what is currently the most cutting-edge solution for successful recruiting – cross-media and international.

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