New support ticketing system

5. August 2022

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Anyone who has ever needed online support from a larger company is undoubtedly familiar with them: We're talking about ticketing systems. They help record support requests via e-mail, manage them, and answer them promptly. The tracking numbers (tickets) automatically generated for each support case are a hallmark and a name giver. Since August 2022, a professional ticketing system has supported the project management team at solique – and from mid-August, the customer support.

Support tickets are generated by e-mails from customers to (previously:, and incoming support requests are stored centrally in our internal CRM system along with all related information (e.g., screenshots). Automatically assigned ticket numbers bundle all specific case elements, ensuring a complete overview and documentation to simplify internal processes, shorten response times, and improve communication with our valued customers.

Upon receipt of a relevant e-mail, the ticketing system automatically sends a confirmation of receipt to the sender and places the request in the support pipeline to be processed. Support cases are processed continuously according to their urgency. Since all data and information on resolved support cases are stored centrally, they are also available for evaluations, analyses, and process improvements.

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