Personnel marketing in transition

21. October 2022

Personalmarketing im Wandel

Finding suitable personnel has become a significant challenge for many companies. The good news is that to exploit the recruitment potential better, personnel marketing often only requires a gentle evolution, not a revolution. The current and potential employees ultimately assess whether the suitable measures are defined and implemented in a targeted manner in practice. In times of acute shortage of skilled workers, however, three "adjustments" often come to the fore, especially for recruiting.

Improve visibility
The fragmentation of media usage today means that actively seeking talents – and those latently willing to change – must be addressed on several channels in parallel to reach them with a high probability.

Lowering application hurdles
To attract talents interested in a job posting to your company, you should design the "candidate journey" with a view to the different requirements of applicants and lower possible application hurdles.

Communicate more authentically
To be perceived as an authentic and approachable employer, employees at all levels of the hierarchy should "show their face" on the career site and in job advertisements and, where appropriate, "have their say".

In an editorial article for the trade magazine "HR Today" (available in German only), we have elaborated more on the recruiting requirements outlined above. You can download the article as a PDF document below.

HR Today 9/2022

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