Networking events: January to April 2024

1. February 2024

Symboldbild: Networking Events (Bildquelle: Adobe Stock)

Digital processes are increasingly prevalent in our working lives, but human interaction remains important. That is why we regularly attend physical business networking events. These events allow exchanging ideas in person with interested parties, customers, suppliers, and experts. It is a chance to learn, make new contacts, and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

Over the following months, solique will be represented by our CEO, Peter B. Müller, at the following three events:

February 8, 2024

HR Tech Nights, Zurich
Focus: Artificial intelligence in HR work & the world of work

March 5/6, 2024

Richmond HR Forum, Interlaken
Focus: Strategic HR, Trends & HR Solutions

April 23/24, 2024

Focus: Strategic HR, Learning & Talent Management



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