Hello, Germany - Hello, Berlin!

20. April 2023

Brandenburger Tor – Berlin

We have been asked many times, but now the time has finally come: Since April 2023, we have a presence in Berlin with solique Deutschland GmbH. The sales company is a consequence of our previous growth and our ambitions in Germany.

With the company's establishment, we want to ensure closer customer support and more intensive market development on-site. solique is represented in Germany by Martin Behrend (COO) and Serdar Yildirim (CSO), who are familiar with the industry and already known to many HR managers.

Martin and Serdar have over 40 years of combined experience in various leadership roles – as CEOs, start-up managers, solution providers, and key account managers. Their expertise revolves around employer branding, talent acquisition & recruiting services, data-driven media consulting, and the development and operation of competitive service organizations.

Martin and Serdar will establish and expand our business activities locally in Germany, creating sustainable added value for solique's customers and partners.

  • Martin Behrend

    Martin Behrend
    Chief Operating Officer
    solique Deutschland GmbH

  • Serdar Yildirim

    Serdar Yildirim
    Chief Sales Officer
    solique Deutschland GmbH


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