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8. April 2022

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Employers who want to compete for new talents must confidently communicate employment benefits and make job openings easy to find. Both can succeed with a modern career site and a functional job portal. There is a consensus among HR managers that a strong employer brand positively influences the recruitment of skilled workers. That's why building and maintaining a compelling employer brand is strategically essential.

Strengthening the employer brand
Employer branding refers to all measures that position a company as an attractive employer and strengthen its employer brand. The visible core of every employer brand is the company's career site, which is intended to support the recruitment of employees – functionally, this task is assigned to the company's job portal.

Job seekers land on a career site primarily when they are interested in employment with the company. Therefore, suitable job offers should be easy and intuitive to find with just a few clicks. Filter options (e.g., by country or region, function, entry-level, degree of employment) can help narrow down the search.

Arouse emotions and curiosity
The most significant advantage of a job portal is, of course, in presenting individual vacancies. Nowadays, these are designed to be visually appealing with a generous proportion of images and supplemented with interactive and audiovisual elements, just as job seekers are used to content on social networks.

In an editorial article for the trade magazine "HR Today" (available in German only), we show how consistent employer branding strengthens the employer brand, arouses emotions and curiosity in talents, and thus ultimately positively influences the recruitment of skilled workers. You can download the article as a PDF document below.

HR Today 3/2022

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