Active Sourcing as a self-service

1. June 2022

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Active Sourcing is the targeted search, identification, and active approach of selected talents in relevant career networks and online platforms. Today, a few companies offer this complex process as a service. However, due to the associated costs, active Sourcing has been reserved for large companies till now.

We at solique want to democratize Active Sourcing and make it accessible to interested companies as a new "self-service". For this purpose, we have developed an amazingly easy-to-use online solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and classify all public profiles on the business networks LinkedIn and XING.* This makes it possible to select talents within seconds - according to the accuracy of their profile data - for personal contact.

We have integrated our new cloud solution for Autonomous Active Sourcing into solique recruiter so that you can decide whether this service should be used for all, for selected, or only for particular vacancies (or job categories). The selected job postings are then read, profiled, and indexed by our AI-based algorithm and matched with the public profiles on LinkedIn and XING.

The result is a concise list of matching person profiles for each vacancy, evaluated and ranked depending on customer-specific weightings of individual parameters – such as occupational group, education, skills, activities, etc. All matching characteristics can be transparently checked ad hoc for each listed profile. Contacting suitable candidates is done by linking to the public profile of the respective network.

The automated search and the matching of job postings with potential candidate profiles relieve and accelerate recruiting, leaving more time for contacting and talking to suitable candidates.

Get a live demonstration of this new proactive talent search option – at your site or online.

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* Our service considers the required provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 'by design'.

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