Case study: Hilti

The challenge

Hilti was looking for a suitable solution for structuring the entire ad process in a more efficient way and automating the international publication of its ads in print and online media as well as on its own website and intranet. When selecting the tool provider, the company was focused mainly on the following requirements:

  1. Guaranteed implementation of CI/CD guidelines, both cross-media and internationally
  2. The possibility of gradual global rollout
  3. Initial use as a stand-alone application with future integration into the SuccessFactors recruiting system
  4. Expandability to handle new recruiting trends (social networks, mobile, etc.)

The solution

It quickly became clear to Hilti that these requirements can only be met with the current multiposting application from solique. The implementation of solique recruiter has been rolled out in three phases so far. The headquarters as well as several subsidiaries in Europe were integrated during the first phase. The subsidiaries in the USA, Asia (Hong Kong, China, Singapore), India and Australia were then added during the second phase. During the third phase, the rollout was finally expanded to cover Russia, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden and several other countries. Today, the solique recruiter application is already used in over 20 countries, with more to follow. The technology is also provided and hosted for solique's own website and intranet page.