The challenge

CURRENTA is a subsidiary of Bayer and Lanxess. With around 3300 employees, it is a leading service provider for the chemical industry and its affiliates. Under German law (§ 81 para. 1 sentence 1 SGB IX), it is mandatory in the case of all external staffing to verify whether the position could be filled with a severely disabled person who is registered with the Federal Employment Agency (FEA). This duty to report can be met by posting the vacancy online for the FEA to handle. CURRENTA was therefore looking for a provider that could offer an automated process to interface between the umantis Applicant Management tool and the FEA platform.

The solution

solique recruiter has a bidirectional interface for umantis and is one of the very few multiposting providers to have a digital interface for the Federal Employment Agency. Both of these interfaces were implemented for CURRENTA, allowing the company to post vacancies from the umantis Applicant Management system directly to the FEA platform via solique recruiter.

«Since working with solique recruiter, we have been saving a lot of time. We're very happy that the platform of the Federal Employment Agency now has a very simple workflow for assigning and deactivating jobs automatically.»

Jörg Michael, Head of Recruitment
Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG